Saw blade needed to cut metal roofing? Ridge vent

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We've just purchased a 40s house needing lotza restoration. We do much of the work ourselves or contract out the work ourselves. We've no knowledge of metal roofing. I have the following questions please: 1. What type of saw blade is used to cut panels to size? 2. Are ridge vents available for metal roofing? 3. When installing panels on decking, does any type of binding or tape go between edges of the panels for bonding them together? 4. I'll probably buy the plain unpainted panels and possibly paint them. Any suggestions @ painting metal roofing....type of paint/etc. 5. New siding is needed on the exterior of house. We're thinking of using metal roofing panels to replace the siding. Should we put felt under the metal panels? Being built in the 40s and no updating, there is a "interior siding" of randon length boards which the metal roofing panels will cover. Should felt go between the metal panels and "interior siding"? Would some type of housewrap or insulation be suitable, or would it cause condensation in the walls? I hope I haven't worn out my welcome with so many questions :). We've renovated several 40s homes, but this will be our first experience in metal roofing. I'm grateful for any suggestions/help anyone can share. Marie
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Most of your questions are too broad to answer without focusing on one of the many styles and application methods of metal roofing. I would suggest that you choose a style and then a manufacturer from our web site and contact them directly to get into more details. Sawing;There are two types of metalic coated steel used in metal roofing, Galvanized (Zinc coated)and Galvalume (Zinc/Aluminum)coated. Generally they most cuts can be made with shears however if you use a saw the exposed edge should not be exposed to the weather. Vents; Each manufacturer has their own ventilation accessories and most roof system utilize many off the shelve items. Painting; Pre-painted metal roofing will last substantially longer than field painted and is well worth the investment. Tape;This again depends on the system and roof slope. Please choose a style and contact the manufacturer. House Wrap; The exterior of a building be it roof or walls need function like skin and need to breathe. It is recommended that a breathable moisture barrier be installed under all roofing and siding.
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