Snow on valleys

Nancy Cocroft
The contractor says that on a roof with valleys the snow will tear off the standing seams and cause leaks, that he knows of such a case. Also that the snow will push through the snow birds and cause problems of snow sliding off and piling up below. He is trying to talk the owner out of a metal roof. She wants it for fire protection, more than anything. Aren't there good solutions which don't involve standing seams? What is the cost difference? The house under construction has a 5/12 pitch.
Dick Bus
Standing Seam is the roof of choice in snow country. One only needs to travel to Vail, Colorado to see how much is used on some very high end properties. A properly installed metal roof with the appropriate underlayments will preform for many years. I would recommend that you contact one of the member manufacturers of the Metal Roofing Alliance that does business in your area for the recommended detailing and underlayments that should be used in your area. There are also metal shingles that would work well in your area.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 to Mr. Bus's comment. Standing seam is the roof of choice in most high snow load areas. Everything about it is great in those applications and there are plenty of accessories that work well with it to prevent snow slide and other issues. I would discount most, of not all, of what that person said.

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