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I'm in the process of choosing the roofing material for a lakehouse. The metal roofs on the other houses in the area look terrific, but I've never had one before. Several questions: 1. If I don't have it painted, will it rust? 2. If I do have it painted, how long before it will need to be painted again? 3. My builder tells me his contractor installs both "lap" seam and "standing seam" type and that the metal wieght is "medium". He says the "standing seam" is more expensive. What's the difference between the two types? Is the "standing seam" worth more? Is "medium" weight OK? 4. What are the important "specifications" for me to include in the contract? Thanks!
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Most metal roofs are pre-painted with a durable finish. Some of the shingle-style products have stone coatings instead of painted surfaces. In looking at a painted product, Kynar/Hylar finishes are pretty universally respected as being the best. There should be a warranty on the product and the coatings. Standing seam roofs will have hidden fasteners and typically install on clips to allow expansion of the metal. "Lap" products have exposed fasteners and no allowance for expansion. I hope this information helps.
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