Standing Seam Valley Dormer Termination

Neil Wasmund
Does anyone have illustrations on the correct approach for handling Valley Dormer Terminations when the Standing Seam obstructs clear drainage from the valley to the pan? I've read of a couple of approaches, but visualizing this is difficult. A better layout may have helped, but this is my first metal roof, so the learning curve is what it is. I'm presently half-way through an install on my home - it's going well, but for this issue. A better layout may have helped avoid this, though not completely - first metal roof, so the learning curve is what it is. I've attached a photo of one dormer valley termination problem. Again, I could really use illustrations. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Opening up for comments
Neil Wasmund
Todd, I did find an older installation of our roofing style in our town with the Valley Dormer Condition. Their approach to handle the termination was to cut a slit in the roofing panel, and feed the valley through the cut until it extends over the eve edge of the dormer. I've attached a photo, although I'm not sure if it will upload with sufficient resolution to zoom-in on the detail. I can email you the photo if necessary. Do you have any thoughts on this approach? Thanks.
Neil Wasmund
For anyone interested, I found this illustration from ASC Roofing Products showing one way to handle the valley termination when it has to transition over a difficult seam. ASC has a nice downloadable manual that shows a variety of installation conditions for standing seam panels. See attached.

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