Snow guards but no gutters (not working well)

Mike 19083
Hi, I have a standing seam metal roof with snowbirds that sit on the seams (not on the panel in between the seams). In the back of the house there is a dormer with a low slope roof. You can't see it in the picture but we have snowbirds going across the dormer roof. There is no gutter on the dormer. We used get a lot of leaves from a nearby tree so when the roof was put on we passed on the 2nd story gutter. In the winter the roof will hold the snow for awhile but eventually we get large chunks of ice sliding off the upper roof onto ground below or worse. The ice sometimes hits the small lower roof and shoots out into the yard. I'm wondering what would be best to remedy this problem. Our roofer insists that snow guards are meant to work together with the gutter so if one is missing (guards or gutter) it doesn't work. I see two options. Add a snow rail below the existing snowbirds to help hold the snow and skip the gutter. Or add a gutter. We removed a big tree that this past year so leaves are less of a problem but honestly as I get older I don't see myself cleaning that second story gutter. All advice is welcome. Thanks, Mike
Todd Miller
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Mike 19083
A couple more details. The 2nd story dormer roof probably has a bit less than a 2/12 pitch. The standing seam panels are from drexel metals and the gutters that we have on the lower roof are Englert Rainpro series. We would put the same gutter on the upper roof if adding a gutter is advisable.
Eric Novotny
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Snow birds on the seam should help but the mid panel units or a snow fence seem to be a bit more secure.

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