Asphalt shingle to metal roof transition

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I have come across an issue in a roofing project. 12/12 pitch transitions to a 4/12 at the eaves. We want to have asphalt on the 12/12 and then use standing seam metal on the 4/12 to help with ice damming on the lower pitched eaves. Metal distributor says having asphalt installed above the metal will void the warranty of the metal finish. I can see their point because if ice/snow drags down the asphalt, it can drag particles from the shingles across the metal and may lead to scratching. This seems like a fairly common application here in the mountains. Is anyone aware of a metal product which will retain its warranty in this situation?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I will open this up for comments. However, I think what you will find is that no warranty will cover damage caused by something else, such as impact or scratching of a foreign object. I would look for a manufacturer who will only consider that particular event to be an exclusion from the warranty. In my opinion, it should not void other parts of the warranty,
Eric Novotny
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Have you tried fixing the heat/air loss and ventilation issues on the home first? That is what will fix the source of the ice daming issues.
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The building is a tri-plex and the middle unit has very little eaves to get soffit vents installed. The original construction had gable exhaust vents, but the party walls didn't allow air to go through from end gable to end gable. We now have 3 distinct attics vented separately with soffit vents and ridge exhaust vents. The metal roofing at the eaves is a supplemental help to the increased airflow.

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