Brick Chimney Flashing

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I am installing a corrugated metal roof (VicWest's UltraVic) and I need to flash around a brick chimney. The chimney is at the edge of the roof. The side and the bottom seem easy but I'm really struggling with the top. I've spoken to 2 people at the store and one from VicWest and have received 3 different recommendations. They are: 1. Bring the roofing as close to the chimney and caulk the heck out of it (with a piece of flashing underneath). 2. Bend the metal up the side of the chimney. 3. Flash under the roofing and up the side of the chimney. The flashing needs to extend to the rib beyond the chimney. Leave a couple of inches of exposed flashing to help the water run off. I didn't like the first two suggestions since I didn't think caulking is a good long term solution and bending corrugated sheets isn't easy and it doesn't look good. Are there other options? I don't mind the third option but I'm struggling with how to deal with the flashing at that first rib beyond the chimney. Should the flashing go beyond the rib? Halfway through the rib? Any suggestions with how to deal with this? The good news is that the chimney is angled such that water tends to flow off the roof rather than onto it. Sorry about the long winded question.
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Being a narrow part of the chimney, and built into the gable, helps. The third option has you on the right track but you need to be careful at the corner. Make sure that your flashing on the top extends over and leads nicely into your flashing down the side of the chimney.
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Does the manufacturer have any specific guidelines that they provide. It is usually a good idea to stay with their recommendations.
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I have a layout where I can drill all the metal at one time while still on trailer improve speed of installation and also save material when measuring for roof cut pieces in section at a time instead of one at a time

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