which method of installation is best for my region?

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Which method of installation is best for my region? I will be installing over existing shingles. ! Applying the metal over a wrap cover directly to the roof, or using 1" x 1/4" wooden slats.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Either method can work. The answer is really better determined once you know what style of metal roof you want to have installed.
Eric Novotny
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+1 again Todd (you are beating me to the punch). What do you need the roof to do? There are some benefits to purlin installs as well as direct to deck installs. I also think there are benefits to stripping the roof too but again it all depends on what you need the roof to do. Windows on Washington
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What do you mean by "what you want the roof to do?" We are currently getting quotes for a new metal roof over shingles. One contractor has a machine that cuts the rolled steel to the correct length. He would be putting 2x4s horizontally across the existing shingles then crimping and installing the panels. We have 4 long valleys that have always had a snow/ice build-up problem (we live in the UP of Michigan). The other contractor would remove all old shingles then install directly on to the roof decking. Would there be a lack of airflow with this type of installation? Should we ask him to use 1 or 2x4s to allow for air circulation? These are two very different types of install and we are getting confused at this point. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
What I mean by that are the two installation methods that you mention and what they can do as a benefit. Over deck venting is a great option in scenarios where it it difficult to get proper insulation depth and heat loss control. It will keep the roof surface cooler and stave off ice damming and below freezing snow melt. Direct to deck will make for a bit less expensive installation and is 100% fine if the insulation and air barrier details in the home are correct and sufficient. At the end of the day, moisture and heat loss control should be looked at in conjunction or prior to the roof regardless. A dry roof is a lifetime roof.

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