Diana Yarnell
I have a question maybe you can help me with. I have a 14 x 70 Fleetwood Coronado Mobile Home that I bought brand new in 2000. I'm trying to find out what kind of construction is under my metal roof. I'm looking to paint my roof and need to know if its strong enough for me to walk/crawl on in order to paint it. I've tried emailing Fleetwood and found out that they claimed bankruptcy in 2009 and that there is no one available to help me. I have all my books on the place, but nothing tells me how the roof was constructed. Can you help me? Thanks!
David Stermer
Diana, Thanks for the question. My understanding of mobile home construction is that they use a roof truss system supported by the side bearing walls. The roof is commonly designed to resist gravity loads such as snow. However, my recommendation is to hire a professional painter to handle this job. You should hire someone who has the equipment and experience to do this job right and without incident. Regards, David Stermer

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