Bubble foil under metal on gazebo

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My roofing supplier recommended I consider double bubble foil on top of the lathe directly under the metal roofing to prevent condensation raining and keep the inside cooler. This is on a 14x16 covered deck gazebo that is open to the air except for insect screening. Roof is Hip, 3/12 pitch, 24 inch framing overhang. There is no ceiling and the building is built under shade trees and receives very little sun. As this is an open air building I was hoping it really wouldn't be a problem because of extra cost and work involved as well as the foil would look awful to me. He does have a version that is white on the bottom but he implied there have been issues with its longevity. If I do use the bubble will I need to block in between the 2x4 lathe up the hip rafters to have something to staple it to. The bubble would have to be cut up the hip and leave a gap / seam between the lathe. I would greatly appreciate any opinions you might have. Thanks
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Radiant barrier needs and air gap to function properly. You need not worry about condensation if the entirely of the roof and the room below it is outside space. Condensation is only a prevalent issue with mixtures between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. If you run a heater or burner in the space, that could generate some moisture but it is unlikely. If you are worried about heat transfer, thermally break the roof with a bit of foam and that should do the trick.
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OK, Thanks.
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i have a mobile home with ashfalt shingles.. i want to put a metal roof on it.. i will tearoff shingles down to the plywood and then i want to install double bubble instlation.. how do i install the double bubble do i need to leave an air gap? does it go on the plywood and then a 1x4 on top and then the metal roof? please guide meb so i do it right thanks

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