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I'm looking to put a metal roof on a double wide. I'm worried about the venting of the roof. There is already problems with skylight. Mositure building up and stain the ceiling with shingles roof. The home has a cathedral ceiling. Is there a good way to vent this type of home?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It sounds like your existing construction allows few opportunities for venting. One option is to build a "cold roof" which in essence is a roof over your existing roof, and vent the resulting chamber. You'd need to make sure the home can handle the weight of that though. There also is a unique ventilation and insulation products available called ThermaDeck which might help you but it would still require a new roof over the existing.
Eric Novotny
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If you have staining on the ceiling and condensation on the skylight, your indoor humidity is too high. Do you have bath fans routed to outside or a range fan over the stove?

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