Order of Operations

Will Swigart
Hello, I'm looking to tear off a comp roof, replace some sheathing and install a new standing seam roof, along with new fascia trim boards, gutters and downspouts. I'd like to take out the existing roof vents and install a ridge vent as well. What I'd like to find from you guys is specifically what ice and water shield around the eaves and gable I should install and also then what underlayment for the field on top of the sheathing you'd suggest? Further, I'd like to know if someone has available a list of the order of operations or a project management schedule list such as from Microsoft Project or Excel or any other program is going to work just as well for that matter?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
That sounds like a great project. Generally I do not suggest certain underlayment products over others. I do suggest underlayment per code and also per roofing manufacturer instructions. Depending upon what roofing product you choose, you may run into some specific underlayment requirements. As far as project management software, I am unaware of anything like that. Sorry. Most roofing manufacturers should though have step by step instructions for their products.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Can't comment on the software question either, but on the underlayment and ice and water, here is my feedback. I prefer synthetics on the underlayments vs. felts. I think they are superior and they protect you in the case of a blow off during construction. Cheap insurance if you ask me. On the ice and water, you don't really need it with metal but if you do run it, run non-granulated so that you don't scratch the back side of the panel.

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