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My roofing subcontractor just finished installation of a 24gauge standing seam metal roof system with kynar 500 finish, with concealed fastener system. There is oil canning in every panel, it shows up every 8"-12" in the length of each panel. Do you have an opinion on if this is an excessive amount of oil canning or if this is standard. The manufacturer said its not means for rejection, my installer says its normal. I have never had experience with oil canning before. much appreciate any opinions, txs. jay Oregon home improvement company
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Jay, there are many reasons why this can occur. Whereas it is not cause for rejection, there are times that folks just find it unacceptable abd in those cases you need to look for the reason it has occurred and see if it can be addressed. Sometimes slipping a backer rod behind the center of each panel can help. Here is information from the Metal Construction Association:
Eric Novotny
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What was the temp like? I have observed that some oil canning usually dissipates over time if the panel is brand new.

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