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We have a stone coated steel roof that is about 9 years old. The stone granules are coming off and exposing the primer beneath. Are there ways to recoat the roof with something that is similar or at least of the same color? Frankly I'm wondering if we could put a good quality paint right over the existing material, something like an epoxy paint for instance.. In the past the now defunct manufacturer of the steel roof did have a couple of guys come out and spray on some type of adhesive and then scatter the granules. I really don't think this is a good solution to the problem. I would much rather not replace the whole roof. Thank you very much for any suggestions! Bob Harris
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Gerard and Metro are both MRA members who manufacture this type of roofing. I would suggest contacting them to see what ideas they have for re-finishing or other remedies.
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The granules can be used to touch up minor scratches or scuffs, but recoating a roof with new granules in the field is not done. If your just talking about scuffs then its no big deal to touch up, if its a larger area or the enitre roof, your going to be limited to painting it. That will involve power washing the roof to remove loose granules, priming and some sort of paint. While this sounds like a solution, there are potential concerns. Finding someone who can walk on the tiles without denting the heck out of it while power washing, priming and painting. Finding a paint that will work. Last but not least, you may find the best product available but unless the roof surface is properly prepared by the contractor / painter you could be back at square one. If its a similar profile to something that is available now, you could re roof the effected area with new product. I had this same conversation this morning with a HO who has a 24 yr old Sierra tile roof in So Cal. I do not think that product has been made for 15 yrs.

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