wanted: non-ribbed metal flat roofing

Phil Lethes
I have a 12 x 15 utility room downstairs. There is a door from the 2nd story to let me walk out onto this. Right now it has old rolled roofing with some bubbles, and is pretty flat. I would like to pave over it with plywood, and then find non-ribbed metal roofing to seal against the elements. Non-ribbed so I can unroll outdoor all-weather carpet on it in the summer and use it as a deck (I'll add railing). I've beefed up support with 4x12 beam underneath. Right now most of what I can find is corrugated or ribbed roofing. Can you direct me to a sheets of flat metal roof that won't create ridges under the carpeting? Screw would have to be pan head or low profile, or could I glue it down to the plywood with adhesive? thanks.
Dick Bus
The only thing I can think of that you can use to accomplish this is a flat lock zinc panel so that the joints can be soldered. You would need to hire a skilled craftsman to do this. The railing would have to be properly flashed and soldered. Any other metal products will lead to problems.

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