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Dear Experts, I have a Low-Country style house (might be considered similar to a Cape Cod style home) with a wrap-around porch and 6 shed dormers. The house has 24-gauge Kynar standing seam roof and vinyl siding. The metal roof is brown and I have cream colored vinyl siding. I could easily walk around the house standing on the roof part over the porch. The roof now has bird droppings, yellow pollen, and is generally dirty looking. I'd like to walk around the top of the porch and spray some type of cleaner on the roof as well as the vinyl siding. I used to to use something called Spray and Forget on my shingles and siding and then just rinse it off. I'd like to do something similar now but I'd like to know the best shoe bottoms to have or kind (brand) to get. I think I can safely walk around the top of the porch as long as I walk with my foot partially on the standing seam. However, I'd like to know what shoes will provide the best traction and what's the best cleaner to spray on roof that will also clean siding without harming either the metal roof or the vinyl siding. I have a large ladder with a u-shaped bumper bar with rubber pads that I can lean against the roof over the garage, but I'd have difficulty shooting the spray from that vantage point around the porch. Sorry the the wordy message you can cut it anyway you want if you post it in your forums but I'd appreciate an answer for the DIY-er. Thanks in advance, Paul
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Hi Paul. Good to hear from you. First of all, whatever you do, be careful. If you can at all do this from a ladder, please do so. That pine pollen is nasty, difficult stuff. While much if it will come off when it rains, it still tends to leave a residue that builds up over time. One thing I like to say is that the pine pollen should not cause any damage to the roofing or its paint finish. It really is just a cosmetic concern. I would suggest washing with a mixture that is three equal parts of water, trisodium phosphate, and detergent. I really do not know that these shoes are made for walking on wet roofs but Korkers and Cougar Paws are two brands of shoes / overshoes made for metal roofs. You can also just use a soft soled tennis shoe. You also may want to consider hiring the roof installation contractor to do the cleaning, given that they have experience walking and working on your roof.

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