Brian Topolinsky
I am a roofing contractor specializing in installation of Asphalt Shingles. I am searching for a better alternative for my customers. I can't believe that in the climate that we live in here in North, with all the four seasons of weather that our most popular product to cover our homes is Asphalt Shingles. They are now claiming that they have lifetime limited warranties but we all know that an Asphalt Shingle will never last that long. But who ever in 20 years will challenge the warranty. Besides the warranties only cover material anyways and not the labour, so really its not even worth trying to put a claim in. My Question is, I can't believe that we have not come up with an alternative like steel, aluminum, rubber etc that is similar in cost. Whenever anyones tries to compare the price difference between metal and asphalt they use the fact that metal is done once for the lifetime, where as asphalt you may end up having to do it 3 times in the future. They then use that in trying to show that metal is cheaper. This may be true, and for many middle aged people whom are planning on staying in their house for the rest of their lives it may work on, but what about the people whom don't really care about the future, and probably don't even plan on staying in the home. Sure you can try to sell them on the fact that you may get an energy rebate, insurance premiums may go down, and value of home will increase. But then you have to try to ask for 3 to 4 times the price to install it. I believe that because of the lasting benefits of a metal roof, the manufacturer is trying to capitalize on this and therefore charge to much for material. I believe if they would make it more cost effective, volumes would increase. I am trying to offer this alternative to my customers, I am just looking for a manufacturer that offers great products at a reasonable price. But I guess we are all looking for Thanks Brian
Dick Bus
Brian, I agree with everything you are saying about the benefits of metal roofing as well as the fact that the upfront cost is higher. Unfortunately, all of us manufacturers have similar input costs and everyone of us would like to lower the price to meet the price point of asphlat shingles. What may happen is the cost of asphlat might rise enough to narrow the cost spread between the two. We are seeing homeowners that are near or are at retirement age opting for a metal roof, because they know that asphlat will not last as long as metal (as long as it is an investment grade metal roofing). Thanks for your interest in metal roofing. Perhaps you should meet with some of manufacturing members and tour their facilities to get a better understanding of the industry.

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