Closure Strip for Metal Roof

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I am having metal roofing installed over my shingles. The 29 gage rib pannels are being screwed into 1X4 yellow pine strips placed 24 inches apart. My roof is 10/12 pitch. My roofer told me that he was applying the closure strip at the top of the ends along the ridge vent, but was not placing them along the bottom because it would cause condensation issues between the old roof and metal and my metal roof would not last as long as it should. Everything I have seen indicates that this closure strip is needed on the top and bottom to keep insects out. Am I getting a line of bull so he can save some time and money on this job, or is what he is saying true? Thanks...Randy
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am guessing that he truly believes what he is saying but I have never seen that be the case.
Eric Novotny
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How is the roof vented now as an asphalt roof? You are going to need some sort of screening at the bottom or you are going to create a nice habitat for bugs and critter between the two roofs.

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