metal roofing on manufactured home

Joe Lynn
I have a manufactured home that I want to add a metal roof. The decking is 3/8" plywood. Is that thick enough for the screws? The old shingles are in fair shape, none missing or damaged. In your opinion is it better to remove the shingles or leave them? Joe
David Stermer
Joe, Thanks for the question. 3/8" thick plywood is rather thin and will require more screws than thicker plywood would. One benefit of leaving the shingles inplace is in delaying the contribution to the landfill. A reason to go ahead and remove the shingles is that allows a through inspection of the plywood. Any deteriorated plywood must be replaced. My preference is to remove the shingles. Good Luck, David Stermer
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 to David's feedback. While it does decrease landfill waste, I would always recommend pulling the old roof so that the sheathing can be properly inspected.
Guest User
If metal roofs are ideal for manufactured homes and since there is no attic space, what is the recommend thickness of the plywood for Arizona`s hot climate? Also recommended material between plywood & metal roof? And, recommended grade/thickness/style for the AZ`s hot climate?

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