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I have a walk up attic space that I wish to convert into living space and have a few questions. I am going to have the metal roof replaced shortly and wonder what is the best way to insulate it? I was planning on putting the drywall right up against the bottom of the rafters. I am reading a lot about radiant barriers. How and when are they installed? Before the new roof is put on? Is there anything else that goes along with that? I am seeing other commenting about tar paper. I am concerned about sweating of the roof and causing damage to the insulation. Also do I use batts or rigid foams or doesn't it matter? My other question is when the roof is insulated should I also put insulation (w/o vapor barrier) on the floor of the attic between the ceiling joists before I lay down plywood to carpet it? Thanks in advance. Scott
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Scott, This sounds like a good project and there are several nuances to it. I do not want to give you bad advice as that could lead to problems. Is there any chance you could call me at my office sometime please so we can talk it through? My phone is 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 Thanks.

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