Eddie Terry
I had a guy install a metal roof about 2000. When he installed it he said it was a standing seam metal roof and was guaranteed for a lifetime. My problem is this: The roof began to rust around the edges (at the bottom--the "final" stop of the water as it leaves your roof). I have stopped him twice and asked him to look at my roof and I know he looked at it 1 time but he has never communicated with me about the roof or the rusting. When he installed the roof, he bent the roof where the "final" stop of the water is as it it leaves your roof), or "crimped it", looks like with some type of bending tool. I am not a roofing contractor but at the time I thought this was strange because the "coating" on the panels appeared to be broken at the crimping. First of all, What does a "lifetime guarantee" mean with a standing seam metal roof? Second, Was this roof installed properly with the crimping on the end or bottom of the panel? What should I do to get this fixed? Thanks for your time
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Eddie, this is a pretty complex issue, coupled with the fact that most steel roof warranties would be pretty limited given how close you are to the beach. Please contact me via email and I will try to help you. If you have photos you can send to me, that would be very helpful. Thanks. [email protected]
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
+1 Most steel roofs have almost no warranty when it comes to coastal applications. Do you have any pictures?

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