metalbestos chimney pipe boots

gina D'Avignon
Hello all this is my first time asking a question, I do peek in on your conversations regularly. I own a Metal roofing business in Maine. I've come across a customer question that has me scratching my head. Our customer installed a metalbestos chimney pipe. According to the manufacturer of the pipe they say the code for the United States calls for a high temp. silicone pipe boot, not the standard EPDM rubber. My customer wants an "extreme angle boot" as he has a steep pitch and the boot we installed is "bunched up and too tight in there." I researched extreme angle boots and only found one high temp silicone - from Master Flash. However, it's only for a 5" pipe. My customer has a 10" pipe. Anyone know of a silicone extreme angle 10" pipe boot out there? I've done all the research, and he insists on this extreme angle boot - if it exists in this diameter, it's quite elusive! Thank you
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Gina. We will see what input exists out there!

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