Sheryl Sheryl
Hello, We are planning to build a summer camp in Central New York and are thinking of using a metal roof. We will only be able to use the building in the summer because the area in which it is located will be inaccessible the remainder of the year. Because the interior of the camp will be heated only sporadically, is it necessary to put plywood under the roof or may we install the metal directly to the purlins? If a purlin only installation is OK, how can we cut down on roof noise when it rains? And lastly, is it feasible to put insulation in the ceiling areas to cut noise as long as adequate ventilation is provided above? As I said, this will be a summer camp with a direct-vent gas fireplace as the only heat source. The roof pitch is 6/12. Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I would suggest that you should be more worried about the summer conditions than fall/winter. As with any construction project it depends on your budget. First I would choose an light colour and/or reflective roof. This will help reflect the heat rays out to keep the building cooler. Next is you do need to put down a moisture barrier to control condensation. When temperature drop below the dew point, condensation will form under the roofing. Add to this the people inside with the moisture they give off just breathing and then add in gas heat, you could create a rain forest. Plus it will be hard to heat as the metal transmits the heat quicky. There are a couple of products out there that can help on a budget. It is a foil faced each side celluar foam product that comes in rolls 4 feet wide and approximately 1/4" thick. Used over the rafters with the joints taped, it acts as a air barrier and moisture barrier. As well it reflects the heat back in and the exterior heat out and does not look too bad. You can then strap over this material and install an appropriate metal roof. Make sure that you ventilate the air spacecreated by the strapping at the eaves and ridge. This will help keep it cooler in the summer. Hope this helps.
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