Standing Seam Panel Fasteners

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I have a question in regards to fasteners utilized with Standing Seam Metal panels. I have a house with asphalt shingles and am going to have a metal roof (standing seam) installed over it. Some of the contractors that I've consulte with said that they would use screws to fasten the panels and other contractors have stated that they would use a clip system to fasten the standing seam metal panels. Is one of the methods better than the other? Could you tell me the pros & cons for each? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Well, good question. Typically, by the way, the clips will be fastened with screws. I think what you're talking about here though is "through-fastened" panels versus "standing seam" panels. Through-fastened panels have exposed fasteners and just overlap on the sides of the panels. Standing seam panels have concealed fasteners and some sort of locking seam between the panels. Most standing seam panels use special fastening clips which are secured to the roof deck and then the panels themselves are free to "float" with expansion and contraction. Some standing seam panels have a built-in fastening flange rather than separate clips. I think that most people, when assessing the overall quality of these products, in order of increasing quality, would rank them through-fastened panels, standing seam with fastening flange, and standing seam fastened using clips. Equally important parts of product quality include the metal and coatings. Also, proper installation is equally important as product quality.
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Thanks so much Todd!!!
Eric Novotny
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Perfect response from Todd right there. Make sure they use a proper slip layer between the asphalt and the new roof as well.

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