ceram-a-star1050 coating/paint system

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Hello, We have found your site to be very helpful. In researching, I had thought the Galvalume to be best of finishes but once looking @ specific dealers in our area keep seeing the Ceram-A-Star1050 Coating System. Seems testing has proven it to be durable but wanted to get your input please. Also have a second question. The home we have was built in 1965 & was purchased one yr ago with a 2 yr old asphalt roof, which the shingles were already disentegrating, tearing & blowing off at time of purchase. We were told by roofer that made repairs prior to closing that the shingles are burning up. Home is 1200 sq ft ranch brick with gables on each end, exhaust fan on north end gable. What would cause this & should these be removed prior to installing a metal roof? We want to have any issues correct prior to a metal install.
David Stermer
Hey, thanks for the questions. Ceram-A-Star 1050 is a SMP paint system commonly used on painted metal panels. On steel panels, it has zinc protection (galvanized or galvalume) under the paint. My understanding is that this finish performs very well. I am not familiar with a 2 year old asphalt shingle roof demonstrating the problems you describe. The shingles certainly can be removed, but they do not have to. Section 1510 of the IBC building code provides for the installation of a metal roof over existing shingles. The sheathing (plywood deck) should be inspected and any deteriorated material be replaced. Best Regards, David Stermer

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