Linda Lamon
I recently had a standing seam metal roof installed. A month ago I was in the attic to check for leaks, etc. just to double check things and everything was fine. Two days ago I went into the attic for Christmas decorations and I was horrified to see green mold growing on the attic rafters, etc. With my shingle roof, I had three holes cut for roof venting and in these three holes, there is major condensation. Is this caused by defective roof venting? The contractor supposedly cut the roof peak and installed a full roof vent, but from the inside, I can't see any space in the peak where the roof vent is viable. I have called the roofer that installed the roofing and he won't return my calls. What would be my option to get the roof vented now that the roof is installed if this is the cause for the dampness.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Linda, This does sound like condensation. Condensation can result from one or more of several things: 1) Inadequate ventilation in the attic, which means intake and exhaust vents. 2) Inordinate amounts of moisture inside the house and / or the attic. This can result from basement or crawlspace issues, large amounts of house plants, ventless gas stoves, improperly vented exhaust fans or dryer vents, etc. 3) Lack of a vapor barrier behind the ceilings. 4) Inadequate attic insulation. My suggestion, if you cannot get an adequate response from the contractor, would be to contact the manufacturer of the roofing and see if they can help you sort through things.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Very sorry to hear of this. Todd is correct on all accounts. Apparently what was a previously properly vented attic was unintentionally turned into a un-vented assembly. I would suggest that you have a qualified remodeler/building scientist look at the home and give you the proper recommendations. This might be a great time for some other retrofit repairs such as additional insulation, air sealing and weatherization. If you want to contact me to discuss, feel free to do so. Any pictures or videos of the attic/outside of the home would be a tremendous help as well.

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