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Hello: I would like to know how much snow accumulation a metal roof can stand? Can it withstand an accumulation of 1,5 to 2 feet of snow or does the snow just slide off the roof. Thanks. Yvette McGrath
David Stermer
Hi Yvette, Thanks for the question. There are several factors that affect how much snow a metal roof panel can resist. Those factors include the spacing of support members, the panel profile and the material the panels are made of. I can say it is common for metal roof panels to be able to resist 1.5' of snow. That would be approximately 20 psf which is the typical live load required by building codes. Whether the snow will just slide off would depend several factors too, including the roof slope and how much moisture (melted snow) is present. Snow is more likely to slide off of steeper roof slopes and panels with more moisture present. I hope this helps, Regards, David Stermer

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