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We have recently renovated an existing metal pole barn into a small apartment. The metal roof is attached to the purlins without any type of insulation or moisture barrier. We have 1 x 4 furring strips on 24" centers attached to the purlins to support r30 faced insulation batts. We have yet to install any type of ceiling on the furring strips, but have added 4 mil. plastic to act as a vapor barrier. All has been fine until it got cold. A rain forest was not our intention when we began this project! What options do we have at this point to limit or eliminate the condensation on the underside of the metal roof? Would power roof vents help reduce the condensation? We are on a limited budget so we need to take the most efficient route possible to correct this situation.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Where was the condensation occurring? With the vapor barrier in place, how was warm moist air reaching the surface upon which it condensed?
Eric Novotny
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The vapor barrier was obviously not sealed in this application. Sealing details need to be very complete when you are dealing with an exposed metal roof. You can make sure the vapor barrier is more completely installed, spray foam the roof deck, drywall the ceiling and apply a vapor barrier paint, etc.
Pauline Gillis
What to ask a question. Have a metal roof on my new garage. It is sweating. My hjusband has installed a vapor barrier the soffits are open and the top is ventlated. But he wants to know does he also have to seal the very top of the inside. I say yes because the warm air is still getting to the roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Pauline, I'd be happy to talk this through with you ... if you like give me a call at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201

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