Solar Panel Install - Metal Roof

Ed Williams
I'm building a home on Maui that has (or will have in a few weeks) a metal panel roof ( not standing seam). Under it is a layer of w.p membrane over 1/2" plywood over 2" of rigid foam insulation over 2x6 T&G sheathing over exposed rafters. Right now , all but the metal roof itself is installed. I'm planning on mounting an array of solar panels on this 6:12 roof. The mountings are a set of rails to which the panels attach. The rails are mounted on posts firmly attached to the roof. I'm not clear on how to attach the posts in a leakproof fashion to the underlying roof structure. Any advice on what system to use and how it should be installed/flashed? Ed
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Have you looked at the S5! fastening clips?
Ed Williams
I think the S5! fastening clips are designed for standing seam roofs, not for an exposed fastener metal roof like mine. However, they do have a "Versabracket" that might work.

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