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Recently I saw a show (Bob Vila's, possibly) that showcased an energy efficient home with a metal roof. In this instance the water that drained from the roof was collected in a cistern for landscape irragation. According to the individual being interviewed about this home, the water that came off the metal roof was potable, that is drinkable. Do you know what kind of metal roof this is possible with? Thank you JW
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I know that there have been many cases where metal roofing has been used for rain water catchment and that, in many of those cases, it has been used for drinking. Unfortunately, though, I do not know of any studies which have been done pertaining to the safety of this. Perhaps the most common instances I have heard of this have been with unpainted galvalume or galvanized roofing. I do know that, with painted metal roofing, the metal goes through a pre-treatment process before it is painted. Many of the pre-treatment processes do include chromium. Although the metal goes through a clear water wash after the pre-treatment and then it receives, typically, two layers of paint, there is always a very remote chance that some chromium could surface through the paint over time. For that reason, manufacturers of the paint systems will not suggest using captured rain water for drinking. That said, though, I will add that virtually all of the paint systems are lead-free and do not include any potentially dangerous heavy metals in their own formulation. I would suggest choosing a metal roofing style and then inquiring with the manufacturer about this subject.
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