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I have to replace a window shutter that is about a metal roof. It is quite steep and I need both hands to work the shutter down and the new one up. How can I build a safe platform on the metal roof to work from? It is a vertical panel style roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Would there be a way to safely hang ladders out of the window and use ladder jacks and a walkboard?
mario lallier
Metal Plus, LLC has three Standing Seam Metal Roofing brackets "The Big Boys" The Ultimate " and " The Roofers helper " specfically designed for Standing Seam Metal Roofs. These brackets maybe costly for the homeowner, but if you call a standing Seam metal roofing contractor who has these brackets they maybe able to help you. These Brackets create a stable safe working platform for either wooden planks or aluminum planks. They can be viewed in action on our website at: Memo for Todd Miller: These Standing Seam metal Roofing Brackets made Product Of The Year at METALCON 2010 INTERNATIONAL in Las Vagas NV. Please check out our website you may find it very helpful. I am attaching a photo of Contractors using these brackets. Sincerely; Metal Plus, LLC

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