Joe Squeo
Hi Guys, great website! I got an education on metal roofing reading your message board. I have several questions: Do you have any idea who the metal manufacture is supplying Home Depot in the Pocono Mts. Region? The only info I received was The Sheet Metal MFG Corp. I didn't have any luck finding them on the Web. What's the right way to install vertical metal panel roofing on a 8 x 8 fiberboard roof wooden shed? Screw spacing, felt paper underlay? I gave up on shingles and metal sheds. This little shed's metal roof success might lead to reroofing my much larger shack in Connecticut. Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Thanks for choosing metal. The big box stores sell generally agricultural panels. Make sure that you are choosing the longer life base metal and finishes for Residential application that our members subscribe to in belonging to the MRA. You should be getting a G90 or AZ50 base steel with a SMP or PVDF paint system. I belive that the store may be refferring to the Metal Sales company. Try them. You can visit our members page and choose a profile and contact them directly any time for future needs. Good Luck.
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