Lot Manager say's "No metal roofs." Why?

Roger Daisley
We own a ~20yr Marlett manufactured home that needs a new roof. (It is a rental unit) The lot manager is telling us that the developer of the property will not allow metal roofs.I have asked "why," but only get vague answers, such as "they are too heavy." I know this not to be true. There are approximately 100 units in this establishment, most of which are in good to excellent condition. Can you provide me with some information that might be helpful to get the metal roof approved? Thank you: Roger
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Roger, there have been many HOAs and ARBs accept metal roofing after they understand the aesthetics of it. I think that having them look at the pictures on this website would be helpful. As an industry, we can sometimes help out with presentations to boards and folks. Let us know if that might be something we could do in this case.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Another ant-metalyte!!! I thought we had tamped them all out. In all seriousness, identify his reasoning (on paper is probably better) and refute all of his erroneous claims with factual data. +1 on getting and industry rep to assist in your presentation to put you over the top.
Guest User
All great suggestions. Thank you for the help. If I need "heavier artillery," I will call for help. /roger

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