Fire Resistance in WUI

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I'm preparing to install standing seam panels on a low slope 1:12 roof (previously discussed in "Products" forum). I live in a very high-fire risk rural area, or in fire tech talk, the WUI: Wild/Urban Interface. I'm following recommendations of fire researchers (for example:, but their roof documents a bit confusing, focusing on their testing procedures. What are your recommendations to improve a steel roof's overall wildfire resistance? Is a steel roof a Class A stand-alone, that is, the basic plywood deck with underlayment is enough? Or does it require more in the assembly, that is, should I add a layer of a fireproof board on top of the plywood, before underlayment? Thanks!
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To enhance fire protection you could use gypsum board or Dens Deck.
Eric Novotny
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+1 A layer of gypsum board on top would be great and make sure that you rake and fascia metal cover all the exposed wood as well.
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If it help i am a professional aerial delivered firefighter for the FS. As far as your roof, just the metal will be sufficient, a high percentage of structures become involved in fire fire due to embers landing on combustable maerial. Embers usually do not have a long resonance time. If a fire came through, your greatest concern would be to cover any vents where small embers could enter through to the inside of your shed. It takes a surprising amount of radiant heat to ignite something. I have never heard of a metal roof igniting material under it. If your structure is being subjected to enough heat where it would be an issue than that is probably the least of your worries. If you do indeed live in a high fire danger area, save that money and buy sprinklers or a small back up generator to power your water system if your water system is power dependant and focus on wetting down any fine particle material that an ember could land on and start a fire. Good luck

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