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I got a few questions for you. 1. My plan was to apply the metal roofing (exposed fasteners) directly to the plywood. I found out just now, that my roof is sheathed with 7/16" plywood and my trusses are 2ft on center. We get a lot of snow here, wind too. Should I batten the roof? Should I lay down more sheathing on top of what I already have? I can't find any definite answers on the website or downloads (American Building Components) as to the minimum sheathing thickness. 2. I currently have shingles with a soffit and ridge vent. My local supplier is suggesting using this "maxi flo vent" ( instead of a ridge vent. Any opinion? 3. I'm not sure how these foam closures work. I know they close off the tops and bottoms of the panels, but they seem like they are only for use with battens? Also, if any water ever made it behind the panel, how would it ever get out?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
On the decking issue, you really will need to contact your supplier and see how their product has been tested and approved for use. All products are different. Also, check with your local building inspector. I personally believe in soffit and ridge vents as they tend to pull air from all areas of the attic better than other options. Foam closures are used to fill in the gaps caused by the low spots of the pans at the ridge and the high spots of the seams at the bottom. They do not block water flow.
Eric Novotny
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+1 Soffit and Ridge venting is the most proper ventilation application if applicable.

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