Over old shingles or not

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can you put corrugated steel over old shingles?
David Stermer
Hello and thanks for the question. Yes, steel roof panels can be placed over shingles. It is commonly recommended that battens be installed to address any sagging or if the existing roof is not sagging, an underlayment be installed over the shingles for seperation. If there is deterioration of the sheathing or the existing roof is water soaked, that will typically need to be remedied before installing the steel roof. Regards, David Stermer
Guest User
How does the cost per square foot of decorative metal roofing (tile/shingles) compare to that of dimensional asphalt shingles?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Generally you can expect it to be 2 -3 times the cost. For most homeowners, if they plan to stay in the same home through one re-roofing cycle, metal makes good financial sense.
Eric Novotny
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Underlayment or suitable slip layer should do the trick. Always check with the roof manufacturer. +1 to Todd's analysis. Who knows what asphalt will cost in 15 years. I have a feeling that the people that stay in their homes who have put on metal roofs with be laughing all the way to the bank.

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