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We just acquired some property in Lincoln County, yes the area will get snow. We are very interested in putting on a metal roof in 5-7 years. I have heard from homeowners with metal roofs suggest we do an overlay or else we will hear EVERY rain drop, etc. We have had 2 roofers out to repair some of the valleys that have leaked, plus repair damage from an ice dam....BOTH have said that they would not recommend a metal roof for that house. From this picture, can you see why it's not possible? I can see the labor charges due to the time it may take to cut around the dormer and valleys, but what is your initial suggestion? thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for thinking of metal. Part of your roof is very low pitch and that complicates matters but does not rule out metal. I'd like to know more aboutyour home construction, especially ventilation. If you want to call me next week at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 I'd enjoy talking this through with you.
Eric Novotny
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Most roofers have little to no understanding of building science and the systems at play. Couple of fallacies that think you roofers are promoting here are that metal roofing is loud during rain and that it is more likely to ice damn. Both are incorrect. Metal roofing, with proper roof decking, will be about as noisy as shingles if only marginally louder (depending on the profile and material). Ice damns are the direct and sole result of heat loss. Fix the heat loss and make the ventilation is proper and your roof will never have an issue.

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