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A design flaw when the second floor was added to our house in the 1970's provided no eaves, even though the house is in the woods, on a lake, and the climate here is tough, with lots of storms, wind and snow. The casement windows and paint job take a beating. Some ten years ago we re-roofed the house with a new metal roof over the existing shingles and asked the contractor for eaves. All he provided were short extensions ranging from two to six inches, which help but don't really do the job. Our metal roof, we've been told, is good for nearly a hundred years, so we're not about to replace it, but is there anything that can be done to provide true eaves or overhangs? Are there modular panels that could fit over the existing roof or any other solution that would not be astronomically expensive? Thank you for your advice. Edgar Holzman
Todd Miller
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I will open this up to see if anyone has ideas.
Eric Novotny
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A picture is worth a thousand words in this case.

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