mikeholb holbrook
I am having a couple of the metal carports installed and one company uses 29 guage and the other uses 26 guage. Is the 26 worth the extra 15% cost on these 22X 26 foot carports?
David Stermer
Mike, Thanks for the question. 26 ga is thicker and stiffer than 29 ga. Assuming comparable panel profiles and spans between your 2 opportunities, over the life of the buildings, the additional stiffness and load carrying capacity of 26 ga sound like a bargain for the 15% premium. Buildings in Florida are likely to be subjected to significant uplift loads during their useful life. Regards, Davdi Stermer
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
I would not use 29 if it were my home.
Guest User
I am currently accepting estimates for my house. All the contractors are using the 26 gauge and are reluctant to quote me the price for 29 guage. Is this because their is a higher markup for the 26 guage, or is there some real structural issues that prevent the 29 guage from being used?
Dick Bus
We cannot speak to the amount of markup that a contractor puts on his services. But I can tell you that 26 gage is 25% more metal then 29 gage. Also keep in mind the metallic coating and type of paint being used. To be comfortable with the best material you should consider using an MCA (Metal Construction Association) certified products or buying product from manufacturers that are a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance. All of them have agreed to produce and market the best quality metal roof.

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