cc bread
hi experts! i am building a small house - only 8x16 feet! i would like to have a curved roof - something like 1 foot from top of curve to the sides. i believe 1 foot over an 8 foot width is a radius of 8.5. i would like to know if you can recommend what types of metal roofing would be most effective, which ones would be possible for me to install myself, and which would be the most cost effective. it doesn't have to be fancy - just watertight! thanks, cc
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
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David Stermer
cc, Thanks for the question and interest in metal roofing. An 8.5' radius is fairly small. It will be difficult to get a flat panel to bend to that radius without damaging it. Only the shallowest panels would be candidates. This would be the most cost effective solution. Several metal roofing manufacturers offer mechanically curved panels that could fit this radius. Another possibility is metal shingles. Regards, David Stermer
Dick Bus
There are several members of the Metal Roofing Alliance that manufacture curved standing seam panels for this type of application. I recommend only a standing seam as the top of the curve is flat.

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