Approx longevity of clear panels?

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I plan on combining with my galv corrugated roof on a storage shed, a couple of clear or opaque panels for a skylight of sorts. I realize a real skylight would be more desireable but due to the nature of my project (old shed being remodeled), I do not want to put any more money in to it than needed. My question is approx how many years could I expect from a clear panel? I'm in Idaho and these panels would be on a 10:12 roof pitch on the north side. Also, is there any one kind of material or color that I should be looking for? Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would qassume that the manufacturer of these panels will offer some sort of warranty. Plastic panels like these perform based upon their exact formulation. An estimate might be 15 - 20 years but, again, check with the company that makes the panels.
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