29 gauge in hard winter climate?

Josh Rhoads
Hello - My parents are getting bids on replacing their standard shingle roof with a metal roof. They live in an area that gets lots of snow over a long cold winter. The quotes are coming in using 29 gauge steel. Your web site (metalroofing.com) recommends 24-26 gauge. Will 29 gauge be OK in a hard winter climate? Thank you!
David Stermer
Josh, Thanks for your inquiry. Depending on the profile of the panel and the manufacturer's recommendation, 29 ga may be acceptable. There are certainly 29 ga panels on the market that will meet most the building code requirements. 26 ga panels are thicker than 29 ga panels and would be expected to provide a higher level of performace. Regards, David Stermer
Josh Rhoads
Thanks David! - Josh
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
The cost differential between a 26 and 29 gauge should be minimal. I would opt for the thicker panel.

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