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My question is concerning the installation of the ridge cap on a 20' building with a shed dormer in the middle span. The building has a gable roof on each end 5' in width, with a 12/12 pitch. The middle 10' of the roof is a shed dormer with a 4/12 pitch. What is the proper way to install the ridge cap on this? Do you install it all in one length and cut it where the gable meets the dormer to fold it down. Or, do you install the gable individually, then the dormer with a separate ridge piece? Should there be some sort of overhang from the dormer section over the gable? I want to make sure it doesn't leak at this section. Any advice would be really helpful. I do have closures and tape for the ridge and eaves and plan to fold the ends of the ridge down and put rivets on to cover the ends. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I believe you will be able to do this in one piece, cutting it at the sides of the shed dormer and then installing metal flashing from the higher ridge cap to the lower.

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