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Hi , My house is 1000 sq ft and I have a building about 1000 sq ft to it's right and it is also about 1000 sq ft , I would like to put on Metal Roofs for both my house and the building . I would like to get matching roof's in a dark red color . I would like to know about what is it going to cost me and I don't know which type of Metal Roof I should have installed ? Thank You , Steven Grose
Todd Miller
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Thanks Steven, Wow ... a lot to do with product choice is aesthetics ... what you think would look nice. If you wnat to email photos to me I will try to weigh in on that. [email protected] Once you decide what will look nice then you need to tackle making sure it is installed properly. Different products have different requirements. You can expect a good metal roof to be 2 - 3 times the cost of standard shingles and you will find some cost differentiation amongst metal products. Generally speaking more heavily formed products will be more costly and concealed fastener systems will be more costly. You can use this website to find experienced metal roofing contractors in your area. Also, you may find my guide available at to be helpful in your research.
Eric Novotny
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Your product choices are relatively limitless in this case and I see no real limitations based on the project descriptions. Find a qualified contractor and they should easily be able to assist you with this project. Be sure to interview and vett the contractor on the finer points of installation and materials choices.

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