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I have a manufactured lake house with asphalt shingles, 5/12 roof pitch. I am interested in getting a metal roof but the more I read the more confused I get. One contractor wants to install 26 gauge R-panel over felt paper directly on the old roof. The price for this is only about 20% over asphalt shingles. Another wants to install concealed panels but the cost is over twice that of shingles. Is R-panel acceptable for this application or not? If so, would they be an improvement over shingles? Are the concealed panels worth the extra cost? Any help is appreciated.
Todd Miller
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I am a believer in all metal roofing. I believe that all levels of product and quality offer extra life, energy efficiency, and freedom from maintenance over traditional roofing materials. That said, like anything, you get what you pay for. You can expect added life and other benefits out of the more costly products in most cases. If you need hekp understanding the various types of metal roofing, you may wish to visit my educational site at
Eric Novotny
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The exposed fastener design of the R-panel and its mass production are the reason that most of them are cheaper than standing seam. The standing seam is a bit more labor intensive but will not require maintenance down the road as it pertains to its fasteners. Both are far better choices than shingles.

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