corrosion of aluminum on steel roof frame

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Dear Sir/ Ma'm: We live in a tropical environment and we are looking at using stone coated metal roof for our new house. I found out that stone coated roofs come with either aluminum or steel base metal. Would there be any corrosion concern on the aluminum stone coated roof installed on a steel roof frame, particularly galvanic corrosion? I know it comes fully coated but there can be scratches and cuts as part of installation. My concern is that if there are even small exposed areas of the frame and the aluminum, the roof may become anodic and corrode preferentially. Thanks. Vit
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This should not be an issue but I must ad that I am unaware of aluminum being used as a base for stone coated products. I am aware onlyof galvanized and galvalume steel.
Eric Novotny
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All the stone coated products that I know of are also galvanized or galvalume steel products.

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