cody hustead
I am getting conflicting information about what to use to replace my existing 50 year old corrugated steel roof. I see that many folks use 29 gauge with good results. Other folks say "Do not ever use 29 gauge for a roof". I don't get much snow or wind. I have an open frame roof, but my spans are a couple inches max. I have yet to be convinced that 29 gauge is just to thin for my application. Am I just being stubborn?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are planty of good 29 gauge roofs in service protecting structures across the country in all climates. I would perhaps be more concerned about proper installation.
Guest User
So what gauge should a buyer be looking for? Looking to replace 20 year old cedar shake roof. Want to replace with standing seam metal roof. 12:12 roof pitch 11 skylights that open 5 dormers Coppola, to work around. Located in Fredericksburg Virginia House on high hill that is vulnerable to winds from north and west

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