Exposed fastner roofing

Paul Messier
I have been looking into replacing my Garage roof with Metal this fall. Then in 10 years from now copy that roof on the house. I have been looking at the Exposed fastner panel with 36" coverage per panel. I am concerned having somany exposed screw heads and trusting a neoprene washer to keep the screw holw sealed. Some people say they are fone --no orry, other say they need to be checked every few years. Obviously I would rather install a roof and forget about it for 30 years. Is the exposed fastner roof good for a house? Is the standing seam really a lot better? double to triple the price? OR Should just I stick with 30 to 50 year shingles? Last winter was tough in CT, many homes/business had snow load issues, my thought iis the snow would slide off the metal a lot better then the shingles. My roof pitch is 5/12 Thanks Paul
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks so much for considering metal. As the Metal Roofing Alliance we certainly believe that metal offers homeowners a great value especially over the long term in regards to its ongoing durability and energy savings. Most foplks find that if they plan to stay in their home through one re-roofing cycle of standard shingles, then metal makes a lot of sense. One of the great things about metal is the variety of products available. You can choose the product that meets your home's aesthetics as well as your own needs. Yes, generally speaking, you can expect more life out of a hidden fastener product but today's exposed fasteners and panels are designed for durability as well.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
I would not stick with asphalt and please don't go into the process thinking that they claimed "50-year" warranty on asphalt is in any way shape or form accurate or enforceable. I would go metal all the way and a properly done exposed fastener type roof is just fine. I would try to stretch the budget to go the hidden fastener route because it is going to be more leak proof (by design) over its lifespan and I prefer the looks of it vs. the exposed fastener.
Guest User
We're choosing a roof to go on our new addition. Standing seam metal has priced out of the budget, but we recently had a pole barn installed with exposed fastener walls and roof, and I think it looks just fine. If it's installed with battens over a SIP roof, it seems to me it will perform as well as most roofs - thoughts?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Installed properly, it will work just fine. The install on exposed fastened systems can be a can of worms if not done properly. Fundamentally though, it should be fine.
John Maher
We live on an island in Penobscot Bay, ME in summer. Have owned a home for 35 years and have had shingle problems. Our concern is the exposed fastened system that might be better for our budget. I am concerned with the last post which said "Exposed fastened systems can be a problem if not done properly. Can any folks that have installed the Exposed Fastened System comment please.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Any system, if done improperly, will have issues. The bigger issue with exposed fastener systems is always install and the sealing of the fasteners. Installed correctly, they work great. The fasteners are a weak point in the equation as compared to the hidden fastener systems.

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