Flat Roof: Metal Pros & Cons ?

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Roof description: > 8 x 30 (8 deep & 30 along house), over open front porch, presently Rolled Asphalt (at end of life cycle) Other details: > Southern exposure, 6 penetrations: 4x4 railing posts, very little slope, one 3 inch drain Questions: 1) Is metal a viable option for this application? (I rec'd conflicting opinions from 2 contractors) 2) Do the raised seams offer a problem for traffic (maintenance only, i.e. sweeping, shoveling) 3) Must the seams go in the short direction? (right now the drain is on one end, there is no front gutter) 4) Does the drainage system require a front gutter? 5) How critical is roof slope? Minimun Value required? Can you do it with Tapered ISO board, or should the slope be built into the wood framing / underlayment system? Any resource references appreciated. Thanks for your time, Kevin
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Mechanically seamed standing seam roofs can be used to as low as 1/4:12 pitch in many cases. The seams and panels must lead water in the direction of the roof pitch. You should be able to sweep and shovel despite the seams. Gutters are not necessary. You could use tapered ISO board to increasethe pitch. I hope this helps.
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