Susan Waskey
We are about to install a standing seam roof. The old shingles on the house will be removed, and we have the option of 2 types of underlayment: 1" x 4" lathe strips installed horizontally on the roof felt, with 3/4" foil backed foam panels between the strips, or installing the metal roof panels directly onto the existing roof felt and decking. Is there any real value to adding the foil-backed foam ? I initially thought this was a good idea for a bit extra installation, and the radiant barrier of the foil. It is very hot here in North Texas, and we are trying to do everything possible to lower attic temperatures. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
The airspace and reflective barrier will help with energy efficiency. I would also suggest making sure that you have good attic ventilation and also using a metal roof which has reflective pigment in the paint or is very light colored.
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